Sunday, 5 July 2009

What IS fashion?

In order to fiend off massive boredom and irritability (not a good combination i tell you) i have been window shopping online. I have noticed two things over the last 48 hours of said window shopping, (obviously with breaks in between for sleeping and munching on rich tea biscuits and chocolate ginger) 1) I am way to fixated on foreign candy, 2) that fashion is unique to the individual.

The 1st point is easy to explain. It all started with my quest to find as many types of KitKat as i could- little did i know when i started the hunt that i would be taken worldwide and be amazed by the massive amounts of kitkats they have in Japan! It's probably a good job we have limited varieties in the UK as my dentist would testify to the strength of my sweet-tooth. However, from kitkats grew the search for cadbury's bars and then skittles to m&m's and so the hours slipped away. One day i shall do a post dedicated to these lovelies, perhaps one day i shall treat myself to them but for now i shall leave them be as i don't think it is a good idea to keep looking at them, drooling on the keyboard of my laptop is not attractive!

The 2nd point, it's very hard to explain really. I don't own, nor have i ever owned any major Designers pieces, that goes for clothes, shoes, bags etc. Now i have nothing against those who do but they don't signify the be all and end all of fashion to me. Having window shopped on SO many sites of late i get so incredibly annoyed when i see a beautiful model looking so uncomfortable or unnatural in a dress- sometimes things just don't work on people YET in real life, i can't decide if it's better to wear something that you feel confident in or to wear something you think looks the part. For me it's always been a matter of putting together what i have. I have never been fashionable, nor will i ever be, i've been dubbed the family hippie magpie for my somewhat eccentric outfits and yet there is a part of me that always holds back- more out of the respect of other people's eyes than for me own. But what is fashion, is fashion dictated by the masses or does it come from within?

Yep i'm in a pondering mood so i shall leave you with some pics from my latest hunt.


And annoyingly blogger keeps crashing on me so i'll have to put up more pics when i can!


  1. that purple dress is absolutely stunning! love the ruffles :)

  2. Loving the purple dress