Sunday, 12 July 2009

Ribbons for Eve

Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments on my last post, hope you're all having a good weekend. The sun has actually come out today and according to my sources (aka parents) it's quite pleasant outside, mind you we had enough rain in the last 2 days for the next few months so it's about time summer showed it's head again!

I don't know what sort of mood this post will take, you may have gathered by now that i am a bit of a scatter brain- can easily flip from one subject to the next in a blissful state of unawareness. However, i do know what i want to start with so here goes.

Basically i am someone who very much supports charitable causes- every month i donate to Oxfam, i've ran races for Cancer Research UK, i've got an adopted Manatee (her name is Betsy and i even visited her in Florida!!!), a humpback Whale somewhere in the Boston area called Star although she frequently disappears and a dolphin in Scotland called Sundance. I truly believe that sometimes helping a charity can seem to be a burden or even 'unfashionable' and in fact i think sometimes smaller charities get brushed away because the media doesn't hype them up or because their cause isn't something that can be cured with money. So, i thought that every once in a while i would showcase a charity on my blog that means a lot to me, help spread the word and maybe introduce people to new ones they aren't aware of.

Today's choice is The Eve Appeal. This charity is one that i feel deserves more time in the spotlight as it's purpose is awareness of gynaecological cancers. It is shocking when you consider that just 35% of those afflicted with a Gynae cancer survive and the charity is working feverishly to raise funds to turn that statistic around. The charity offers advice and support on signs, symptoms and how to cope with the diagnosis of gynae cancer. It also has lots of ways in which you can help the charity- the key even of the year being every March when they have their 'Make time for TEA event'- basically you get to have tea and cake with whoever you want and chat and laugh and have a nice time and just pay a small contribution to the charity- simple! I will defiantly be having a tea party next March- even if it is just by myself, and i have ordered myself a turquoise ribbon to show my support. There are so many gorgeous products linked back to the Eve Appeal, if you google the Eve Appeal you will see many handmade unique items, including a teacosy that is just stunning.You can also buy miniature teapots and teacups, from Boots so keep your eyes peeled. And if you do wear ribbons, turquoise is the colour.

So that's my charity for today, perhaps i'll make this a weekly thing, if you support any charities do let me know and i would love to showcase them here, charity begins at home right!

Okay, now i was about to post a whole load of pics- everything from verandas to post offices, pearls to lamps but blogger won't let me upload, rah i don't know why it keeps telling me it has an error- so sort yourself out blogger! Hopefully it will be resolved soon, i hate posting just words!

Hope you all have a good Sunday and a good start to your week,


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