Monday, 29 June 2009

Few of my favourite things...

I have stolen this tag from the beauty that is Daisy, a fashion Goddess no less!

Currently am recovering from almost melting whilst out in my car this afternoon, i love him to pieces but no air con in a heatwave is a nightmare!!!

1.Colour: Hmm hard one, probably yellow.

2.Dessert: Apple and raisin strudel.

3.Smell: Warm bread.

4. Flower
: Orchids and freesias.

5. Animal: Cats (i have two) and that incorporates tigers and leopards too although do have a huge soft spot for Tapia's.

6.Month: July, just because it signifies summer has arrived.

7. Beverage: Blackcurrant slush puppies (it's the child in me).

8. Shoes: My absolutely, totally amazing, never want to take them off Sugar morigami boots!

9. Snacks: Carrots and granola and anything in the form of a sweet!

10. Songs: Ooh too many, 'Use Somebody' by Kings of Leon and anything by Madeliene Peroyoux right now.

11. Book: I'm not a huge reader, but i have just read A Million tiny Pieces- so moving and honest.

12. Fruit:
All of them, everything and anything but especially nectarines, oh and melon oh and...

13. Hairstyle: Had them all, now have a pixie that i adore although it needs a trim.

14. Pieces of Clothing:
Scarves, can't be far from one or i'll hyperventilate!

15. Stores to Shop:
Anywhere with a sale!

16. Season: Autumn, i love it when the leaves start to change.

17. Hobbies: Hmm, knitting, blogging- i don't really have many proper ones.

18. Things to collect: Ok, this may surprise, i collect lava lamps (mathmos ones) and windchimes, currently have 25 hanging in my room!

19. Movies: Big Fish, Apollo 13 and Philadelphia.

20. Restaurant: Don't go to any so i guess my kitchen!!!

Well that was a nice way to spend some time, tag yourself if you want to join in!

Hope everyone in the UK is coping well in the heat, look after your pets, and your relatives, especially if their elderly and neighbours and so on, nothing like a cool drink from a kind heart when your struggling to cope!


Thursday, 25 June 2009


For some reason today the idea of being sent a hamper in the post just feels so romantic and so i have been on a quest looking around at hampers. Problem is they all have things in them i don't like or they cost the earth! I've gathered a selection though just in case my future husband (who needs to be romantic by the way) should ever happen to stumble across this blog he can get some inspiration!!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Kindness of strangers...

Where have the last few days (ahem week) gone???
Well the sun is trying to return to my little corner of Wales, not quite here fully, still a lot of clouds but well on it's way to actual summer weather. Still can't be persuaded to part form my tights as of yet though, goosebumps and pale legs aren't a good look!
So, i have been internet browsing (as i often do) and have come across something that i just adore the thought of Basically you leave an envelope with your name and address and a stamp on in a public place, you attach a note the artist has written and basically wait for it to be sent back to you with whatever goodies the person who found it has to give you. Can you imagine how amazing it must be to get something back from a total stranger- there is nothing as magical as the kindness of strangers sometimes! If only more people knew of this though, i doubt anyone would know what to do with my envelope, probably throw it in the bin!!! Please take a look though, on the site you get to see what people have been sent back, it's so different and unique and a piece of living art!
Also, and slightly more bizarre but then yep i am the sort of girl who loves bizarre (am currently wearing a dress that is way too big held together by safety pins and heart brooches) this site also made me laugh. Now i found it funny because my family are in the medical profession and (not that this is funny at all but relevant) my Mum is currently fighting breast cancer and so we all know how foul our local hospitals food is, well now patients around the world can share their hospital meals with one another, some are truly grotesque but others look amazing!!!
Oh and if you live in the UK and are a fan of Innocent smoothies then make certain you grab a copy of the Telegraph on Friday and nip into Tesco for your free smoothie- now that's a great one to your 5 a day!!!
Happy Wednesday one and all,

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Yummy parcels

My Dad has a double treat on Sunday as his birthday and Father's Day fall on the same day, so his birthday presents are the more expensive ones, CD's, DVD's etc but for father's Day i am spoiling his sweet tooth with the most amazing jar of licorice! When i saw it on i thought it looked good but having seen it in the flesh, oh my word i was overwhelmed with excitement!

Now all i have to do is figure out how not to let myself open it before Sunday!!!


Monday, 15 June 2009

Shoe help!!!

Ok so i'm in need of some help!
I have terrible feet, seriously as much as i love, and i mean this i do love the gladiator sandals there is no way i could pull them off, plus i think i would feel a little 'exposed' in them so i am trying to find some shoes that do reflect the fact that it is summer! Granted i would wear my morigami boots all year round because they are like mini hugs for your legs but i am starting to get some odd looks now the sun is coming out. So what do you think of the following shoes, i know there aren't loads here but i'm still looking, these though are something i can't decide on, it's nothing like i've worn before but i don't know there is something about them???
Oh and the hat, i would love to be able to wear one of these, i think they look awesome on the right people but on me, well let's not go there!!!

(these and previous ones are by RocketDog)

(Sugar organic vegan friendly shoes)

Sunday, 14 June 2009


Ah the sun has returned, well it came back yesterday but i didn't want to jinx it but it's back, blue skies all around!
It's almost the summer solstice, the nights are definitely lighter now, in fact it isn't even dark at 10pm these days. It's so nice to wake up in the morning and just hear birds singing and i am so lucky to live in a beautiful and secluded place so have very sheer curtains and this morning the sun just broke through them like it was meant just for me.
I realise i've posted mainly pictures that i find when i'm online window shopping, truth is i'm not very good at writing and my thoughts aren't exactly inspiring! However, there seems no point to a blog if all i do is recreate what's already been done.
I don't want to be a dweller though, it's enough to say i have barriers to my dreams, but if i stop the dreams, if i give up on them then life would be very dark indeed so i need this blog, i need to let my dreams live on somehow.
All today i've been dreaming of being outdoors in the sunshine, you know when your skin feels alive, when the warm air caresses your neck and a smile broadens your face, for no other reason than you just feel good? Where every now and again a gentle breeze will come and just tickle the hairs on the back of your neck and soothes your skin.
I'd love to be outside planting things. I've never been one for just laying in the sun, in fact i'm properly the most awkward of sunbathers you will ever see! through history of many holidays i am still to find a position where i don't get numb arms, i can still read without either having my face in the book or it lifted so faraway that i need my glasses (glasses and sun do not go well with me- panda eyes was written for me!) and i burn like a lobster so if i don't move and reapply cream all the time i'm as red as a kitkat wrapper and as melted as the chocolate inside! So yes, if outdoors i love to have things to occupy me and the garden, well it's hard to describe really, if you've ever grown something from seed you'll understand, being so close to something so simple yet mysteriously complex and knowing you had a tiny part in it is just, well it's lovely.
I'm also thinking of the week ahead and next week it isn't just father's Day but it's my Dad's Birthday on the same day! So he get's double the presents which is great and all but what i would love to do for him is bake him a cake. In fact i'd love to bake him an entire tea- cookies, muffins, the cake, scones the lot. It's been so long, but i think it's like riding a bike, once learnt never forgotten and one day i hope it will come back to me again but for now i just have to satisfy my inner cook by adoring what everyone else cooks online and all the glorious images of their creativity- it's almost as good as making it myself plus i don't have the washing up to face!
And my final dream for now, driving in my most beloved car, i've had him for 8 years now, i adore him. He may not be the fastest, or have air con but there is nothing nicer sometimes than driving around just me, singing to my cd's, seeing the world living and moving on, knowing that it is still moving, still rotating even though sometimes it feels static. that independence is priceless.
So yeah, i know i don't have many followers or readers of this blog but to those who do i appreciate it so much, the fact you read means so much to me and when i get comments it literally makes my day. I will post pictures when i find ones that i adore and now the sun is out there will no doubt be many but at times there will be written posts like these, just because well for no reason really other than if you can't share your dreams somewhere then what good are they...

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Rain rain go away...

Ok, so we had a week of glorious weather and now we've had 2 days of solid rain (although today the sun is trying to break free from the clouds) so i tried to find some things to keep out the rain that aren't too heavy in the still warm air- harder than i thought!

Can't say this is exactly the fashion statement or if i'd even manage to put it on without poking my eyes out or getting my hair caught in the spokes but i wonder if anyone would!

Now there can't be anyone whose been caught out- you know what i mean, you've dressed for summer, beautiful shoes included, the sun was shining but then, as soon as get far enough from home down comes the rain- maybe we all should have these in our bags to protect our shoes!
(shuella's at

If wearing a mac is a must then perhaps these see through jewelled ones could be the solution?

This is an inflatable (yep inflatable- uses a pump though not our old lungs) which means no spokes to come loose to poke yourself with, no turning upside down and one twist of the handle and it's down! Just can't imagine standing in the street trying to pump it in a downpour!
( bumperella)

Now i may be the only one but i do suffer from brolly rage- yes i have to count to 10, so nothing works as good as a hooded coat for me, i saw this and just loved the style.

But if you do have to have an umbrella- then i'd go all out and have a button raining one!

And this beauty can withstand 70 mph winds- very handy for where i live!

Now i love this picture because at times i do love the rain, and one day i dream to be able to go out with a lovely friend and be as happy as they are!
These vintage ladies look very stern- bet they wouldn't blow inside out!

Again these two look so happy, welly boots are always fun, makes you feel young and carefree- and the patterned coat is cute too.
I hope the sun is shining wherever you are but if it isn't take heart, there are other things that can make the sun shine for you in your life.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Summer skies...

So i was trying to decide a theme for today's post but i couldn't decide so, because i love the smell of coffee but have never tasted it some coffee art- because i love the look but hate the feel some felted purses and because i am absolutely in love with the maxi dress some of my favs- one day i shall summon the strength to wear one and not worry that at only 5ft4 i won't look like a child in a tablecloth!

i love quirky wall art, and this one caught my eye.

I have a jellyegg bear that i bought when i went to uni and he's always by my side and now i've seen they have new collections, i have a feeling this little fella may be joining him!

(jellyegg animals are available in lots of places, maybe you could give one a home too?)


I'm so in love with this fella, how cute is he! And how much fun would you have making him!
(Both pics from

These are so cute and i bet you can't guess what they are made from! Go on, have a guess!

I love the way trends come round and round and i simply adore this almost 50's style yet still really current looking swimsuit by Hotel Bondi, i just adore it.

Speaking of adoring things, who would not love to have this dress, you can imagine slipping it on and just feeling amazing and special! And what's more, this is a genuine vintage one.

This is also a genuine vintage maxi dress, i can imagine this whilst sitting in a beautiful Japanese garden, drinking tea with the breeze flowing through your hair and your dress and just feeling totally alive.

I just think she looks absolutely stunning in this dress, and i find they do flatter people- they may be long and flowing but look at her, you cans till see how amazing she looks and it's so nice to see some feminine fashion back.
The sun is still with us, obviously the forecasters got today wrong as it has been another stunning display of summer- everything always looks better when the sun shines.