Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Kindness of strangers...

Where have the last few days (ahem week) gone???
Well the sun is trying to return to my little corner of Wales, not quite here fully, still a lot of clouds but well on it's way to actual summer weather. Still can't be persuaded to part form my tights as of yet though, goosebumps and pale legs aren't a good look!
So, i have been internet browsing (as i often do) and have come across something that i just adore the thought of Basically you leave an envelope with your name and address and a stamp on in a public place, you attach a note the artist has written and basically wait for it to be sent back to you with whatever goodies the person who found it has to give you. Can you imagine how amazing it must be to get something back from a total stranger- there is nothing as magical as the kindness of strangers sometimes! If only more people knew of this though, i doubt anyone would know what to do with my envelope, probably throw it in the bin!!! Please take a look though, on the site you get to see what people have been sent back, it's so different and unique and a piece of living art!
Also, and slightly more bizarre but then yep i am the sort of girl who loves bizarre (am currently wearing a dress that is way too big held together by safety pins and heart brooches) this site also made me laugh. Now i found it funny because my family are in the medical profession and (not that this is funny at all but relevant) my Mum is currently fighting breast cancer and so we all know how foul our local hospitals food is, well now patients around the world can share their hospital meals with one another, some are truly grotesque but others look amazing!!!
Oh and if you live in the UK and are a fan of Innocent smoothies then make certain you grab a copy of the Telegraph on Friday and nip into Tesco for your free smoothie- now that's a great one to your 5 a day!!!
Happy Wednesday one and all,


  1. Ohhh I love that envelope idea.

    Have you heard of project beautiful? As soon as I buy some post it notes I'm starting my own ;)

  2. i love the envelope idea <3