Monday, 29 June 2009

Few of my favourite things...

I have stolen this tag from the beauty that is Daisy, a fashion Goddess no less!

Currently am recovering from almost melting whilst out in my car this afternoon, i love him to pieces but no air con in a heatwave is a nightmare!!!

1.Colour: Hmm hard one, probably yellow.

2.Dessert: Apple and raisin strudel.

3.Smell: Warm bread.

4. Flower
: Orchids and freesias.

5. Animal: Cats (i have two) and that incorporates tigers and leopards too although do have a huge soft spot for Tapia's.

6.Month: July, just because it signifies summer has arrived.

7. Beverage: Blackcurrant slush puppies (it's the child in me).

8. Shoes: My absolutely, totally amazing, never want to take them off Sugar morigami boots!

9. Snacks: Carrots and granola and anything in the form of a sweet!

10. Songs: Ooh too many, 'Use Somebody' by Kings of Leon and anything by Madeliene Peroyoux right now.

11. Book: I'm not a huge reader, but i have just read A Million tiny Pieces- so moving and honest.

12. Fruit:
All of them, everything and anything but especially nectarines, oh and melon oh and...

13. Hairstyle: Had them all, now have a pixie that i adore although it needs a trim.

14. Pieces of Clothing:
Scarves, can't be far from one or i'll hyperventilate!

15. Stores to Shop:
Anywhere with a sale!

16. Season: Autumn, i love it when the leaves start to change.

17. Hobbies: Hmm, knitting, blogging- i don't really have many proper ones.

18. Things to collect: Ok, this may surprise, i collect lava lamps (mathmos ones) and windchimes, currently have 25 hanging in my room!

19. Movies: Big Fish, Apollo 13 and Philadelphia.

20. Restaurant: Don't go to any so i guess my kitchen!!!

Well that was a nice way to spend some time, tag yourself if you want to join in!

Hope everyone in the UK is coping well in the heat, look after your pets, and your relatives, especially if their elderly and neighbours and so on, nothing like a cool drink from a kind heart when your struggling to cope!


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  1. Now I want strudel, and granola. Preferably together.