Sunday, 7 June 2009

Rain rain go away...

Ok, so we had a week of glorious weather and now we've had 2 days of solid rain (although today the sun is trying to break free from the clouds) so i tried to find some things to keep out the rain that aren't too heavy in the still warm air- harder than i thought!

Can't say this is exactly the fashion statement or if i'd even manage to put it on without poking my eyes out or getting my hair caught in the spokes but i wonder if anyone would!

Now there can't be anyone whose been caught out- you know what i mean, you've dressed for summer, beautiful shoes included, the sun was shining but then, as soon as get far enough from home down comes the rain- maybe we all should have these in our bags to protect our shoes!
(shuella's at

If wearing a mac is a must then perhaps these see through jewelled ones could be the solution?

This is an inflatable (yep inflatable- uses a pump though not our old lungs) which means no spokes to come loose to poke yourself with, no turning upside down and one twist of the handle and it's down! Just can't imagine standing in the street trying to pump it in a downpour!
( bumperella)

Now i may be the only one but i do suffer from brolly rage- yes i have to count to 10, so nothing works as good as a hooded coat for me, i saw this and just loved the style.

But if you do have to have an umbrella- then i'd go all out and have a button raining one!

And this beauty can withstand 70 mph winds- very handy for where i live!

Now i love this picture because at times i do love the rain, and one day i dream to be able to go out with a lovely friend and be as happy as they are!
These vintage ladies look very stern- bet they wouldn't blow inside out!

Again these two look so happy, welly boots are always fun, makes you feel young and carefree- and the patterned coat is cute too.
I hope the sun is shining wherever you are but if it isn't take heart, there are other things that can make the sun shine for you in your life.


  1. I get major brolly rage as well,
    infact, I don't currently own one because my last one met an un-timely death ;)

  2. Oh I just HATE rain when I have to cycle through it... like this morning. But when it just rained, it smells so good outside! xoxo

  3. I love those little yellow boots. cute!

  4. Ooh interesting.. I'd like to try that pink umbrella!