Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The beat goes on...

So as the sun is still shining but we are forecast to lose it i thought i would focus more on the dream of being outdoors with friends having picnics and fun.
I don't think this would look wonderful or indeed flattering but i love how people think outside the box and create things like this. Perhaps not practical but fun!

I love fruit, all fruit bring it on! And with these covers no nasty little insects will try and nibble them on my behalf!

How cute is this! Don't you just hate it when there isn't anywhere flat to put down a glass, and it may just be me but i think i'd feel special and regal like having a spike just for my glass!

I saw these shoes and feel in love with them, they are vegan too (major plus point in my eyes) but i could never wear them as anything higher than a mm in height and i topple over!

There's something about this dress, maybe the fabric, i know i love the corsage but i find it alluring- and very cool for the summer weather.
(W Magazine feature on fashion 09)

I love the length of this dress, floaty and feminine and just gorgeous- plus wherever it is i love the surroundings!

This is a vegan outfit- i adore boyfriend style shirts and i love it teamed with these skinny jeans although not too convinced about the faded look but the sandals and sunglasses make it a stunner.
(Insider online)

I'm loving the floral print on this dress and the gorgeous sleeves!
(leonoralondon SS 09)

Again shoes by a vegan designer, still would love to dream of being able to pull these off but have hideous feet so best to keep my tootsies covered up.

A luscious vegan bag, i adore the shape and i can imagine i could get an awful lot of nothing in there!

This is a top by Stella McCartney and i have to say i don't quite see the hype it has online or in magazines- i imagine perhaps as a tunic it would like right on the right person but on me would look like a sack of spuds!
(W Magazine)

And now, you can't have a picnic with me without the following!

White chocolate jazzies- i'm salivating just looking at these!

Foamy mushrooms, surely these must count as one of your 5 a day- no, oh well?

Got to satisfy the sour note too!

As close to a animal that this veggie will ever eat!
(all sweetie pics from my fav online sweetie store- handycandy.com)

You can't have a picnic without a lovely blanket and it may as well be a lovely looking one, this one caught my eye straight away!
(general picnicfun.com)

The versatility of tofu is endless, this is a yummy recipe that you can find at messyvegetariancook.com and would be perfect for an outdoor feast- healthy and yummy all rolled into one!

Although this little fella makes tofu feel like it has feelings eek!

Cuteness personified, i can only dream to be as creative as the makers of this wonderful person, although i think she needs a friend as looks a little lonely.

Because you can't have a picnic without a thermos, it doesn't have to be hot of course, personally i'd like iced peppermint tea- refreshing and crisp- i personally recommend teapigs- if you love tea you'll love teapigs selection of unusual blends!
(thermos from generalpicnicfun.com)

For the impromptu picnic, this gorgeous little eco kit has won my heart!

The bumble bee means so much to me- did you know that nature designed it to bot be able to fly but it said it wanted to fly and it does, all things possible perhaps?

Can you believe this is all edible! Now that is a picnic basket i would love to have!

Cakes in miniature- all the pleasure, less of the guilt and fun for friends to share and nibble whilst chatting and letting the clouds pass them by- bliss.

And just in case you feel the need to opt for healthier looking cakes so as to appease the guilt these watermelon cupcakes are just for you. I can imagine how refreshing they must be, in fact i'm starting to drool over these again!
I hope you are all having the best start to June.

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  1. this is quite possibly the best post ever. EVER.

    the dresses <3
    the clothes...the cute picnic accessories
    and THE SWEETS

    (I was actually thinking of your Mum and the Kate Logan range, actually!)