Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sunshine lollipops and ...

What a glorious day, it's one of those blue skies, sun out days that you dream could happen but rarely ever does, but indeed here it is!

Days like this have so many potentials for my dreams so i shall write but a few as hopefully the gorgeous days will last and so my dreams can live out on the blog.

Days like this make me want to wander around a meadow, in a beautiful floaty dress, a vintage picnic basket and a man by my side.

(Emma Bridgewater)


Days like this make me want to open my window so wide that all my windchimes sing in unison and no insects come in!


Days like this make me wish that ice cream sundaes in waffle cones had zero calories and didn't dribble down your fingers in the attempt to beat the sun in order to eat them.

Days like this make me want to go outside and hear the birds singing.

Hope your sun is shining on you and that you can fulfill some of your dreams today, no matter how big or small.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Tea parties

Currently i am dreaming of tea parties in the sunshine with the very best of friends.
(even though i don't drink tea!)

Cupcakes and tissue paper to awaken the senses.

Badges of joy to lift even the darkest of moods.

(all courtesy of and if i won the lottery i'd buy nearly all the site)

I also dream of the day when i can wear the following gorgeous items from, now if only my bank manager granted special wishes for fashion buys!


Dream machine

I have never been very good at starting things from scratch- in fact i am one of those people who will read a book from the back so that i can imagine the beginning from the end! But seeing that i don't quite have a time machine all figured out this shall have to be my rather awkward new start to this journey.

I am no-one of excitement, of wondrous words nor amazing thoughts- i am 25,a graduate, a vegetarian, a girl with magpie eyes who loves the sparkles in life but who has her problems. Problems though are something i don't wish to dwell on, for here i want to let my dreams live-i want them to at least come alive in screen if the can't in reality.

I truly believe that random acts of kindness make the world go round and sometimes i wonder if i was born into the wrong era as i sometimes long for the decades past and what seemed to be life but not as we know it.

So welcome to my world, to my dreams- you may see fashion, you will see my cats, you will be invaded by sparkles and i hope you can see how important it is to always have dreams and keep the sparkle in your life.