Thursday, 29 October 2009


Ooh seems as though i'm on a role this afternoon, so here we go, g is up and ready to go. And thank you to everyone who reads and comments, it's lovely to see the comments and how people relate to the posts- feel free to get as involved as you like with the posts.




Galapagos Islands.

I am inspired by these islands, the nature they contain and the secrets locked within them. I love how humans are the visitors, not the keepers of the rocks. And i'd love to get the chance to see them in my own eyes, see what Darwin saw and perhaps feel as he did when he embarked upon his journey there. But part of me also thinks that it is a private world and perhaps it should stay that way, we all need our secrets, even the earth.


Gingerbread House.

Hehe! How much fun can you have with this? The aroma of the gingerbread baking will make your soul dance around with sheer delight, the warming perfume always seems to bring me to life and removes troubles at once. And once baked and cool you can decorate to your hearts content. and seeing as i (shock horror) have a sweet tooth mine would be adorned with the prettiest candies and sugars you can find, all there to twinkle and glimmer in their own special ways.


Gray's Anatomy.

Not the TV series (although it is very good and one of my favourites) but my very own copy of Gray's Anatomy. I know it will seem odd, most people don't have a anatomy book to browse through but my hunger, my absolute passion for knowledge on the subject is only intensifiying as i grow older. I'm from a medical family and , as letter D denoted, medicine is my dream. And so to own my own copy, to be able to study in depth the mechanics of the body would be the best present anyone could get me.


"Good things come to those who wait".



Our garden is always stocked full of geraniums, my window box with it's red and pink jewels is still flowering, despite the change in weather and everyday i open my curtains they bring me joy. My absolute favourites though are the wild species, they seem so delicate but are hardy and strong and the little blue flowers can be nestled in the undergrowth, only showing themselves to those who walk on past them, mini secrets to be unearthed.



I'd love to know what giraffes think of the world, do they think they are giants and everyone else small or do they feel out of place with their long necks rising high above the canopy? They are beautiful, whatever they think, and i wouldn't like them to think they are the odd ones out, and you know what, i'm the odd one out always and sometimes i feel like i stand out like they do but they should be proud they stand out for their sheer elegance and beauty.


F (finally!)


I'm so behind, grr! I am so annoyed as yesterday i thought i was being really good and catching up and wrote out some posts and then blogger decided that it wouldn't post any of them and lost the lot. Not a happy bunny, but well they say try and try again so i will.
Anyway, this is my F post, and then i hope to get on with G, H and I at some point, although i know there is no rush but i'm having fun with the posts!


Place/Country to visit;


Clearly my love for Nordic lands continues! I'm someone who loves the sun and that's all great but after a few hours, maybe days i get really tired of being hot all the time! Good job i live where i do as we hardly ever have the sun, but Finland in the fall and winter just looks absolutely divine to me. Somedays there is nothing better than bundling up in winter woolies, scarves, mittens and silly hats, shiny wellies and a good friend and just going for walks where every time you giggle you see your breath in the fresh clean air and the noise beneath your feet just crackles with delight on the fallen leafs. Couple that with spectacular scenery and that makes me a happy person.



This is going to seem very odd. Especially when i say how much i hate almonds! But as a youngster having Bakewell Tart was always something i looked forward to because of the frangipane layer. Warm and soft and dribbled in jam, just yum.


Fig tree.

Have you ever seen an old fig tree? One that has grown into the most beautiful and contorted shapes, the branches spiralled and twisted in it's own pretty way, no two the like? It's leaves hang low and fruit dangle down like jewels from a crown.


"Follow your dreams".



This one was easy for me. When i was growing up i used to love the idea that when everyone went to sleep at night the garden would come alive. I used to love the thought that from the closed flower buds would come fairies that would be free to live and dance in the moonlight. Of course, as you get older the magic diminishes and all thoughts becomes fantasy and wild innocence of youth but i still look at Fressias and think, what a lovely home the buds would make to delicate little fairies.



Yes i know it's not actually an animal in the correct sense of the term but i love them! I love their sense of being, the way they just seem to be, reagrdless of the decade, the century a frog is a frog is a frog. And to me the tree frog is one of my absolute favourites. A female tree frog climbs the equivalent of 3 Empire State buildings in a day to nurture her young in their tiny nurseries in bromiliads high up in the forest canopy. She gets no praise but to me she is a heroine.

So there we go, f is finally done, took a while i know! I hope to get up to speed with the next few letters so expect a few posts in quick succession!


Monday, 26 October 2009


Oh dear, where did yesterday go- i shall post E here and then move straight onto F- apologies it may be short i am so tired matchsticks are required to hold up my heavy eyelids!


Place to visit;

Eden Project.

I love the design and the ethics of this place. Part of me worries as they have a butterfly house and i'm scared of moths and knowing my luck i'd stumble into the moth exhibit!


Egg Custard Tart.

Simply because this is my Mum's all time favourite thing to eat and i'd love to make her a fresh one instead of a shop bought one!


Electric Guitar.

Nope can't play, wouldn't know where to start but oh my i'd love to have one and learn.


Every cloud has a silver lining.



We have stunning ones in our garden and while i was growing up i used to see them as some sort of alien, like loads of little eyes all looking at you- but not in a creepy way, in a sort of lovable curious way!



How could people would to hunt these archaic gods of the past? I adore them and there funny noises and long noses. But i do find it hard to look at any pictures of them without bursting into tears. The recollection of the episode of Planet Earth with the baby elephant- i can't even write about it i get so emotional. And i accept nature is what nature is but i still feel so many emotions.


Saturday, 24 October 2009


Day 4.

Oh yes, i hadn't forgotten, just hadn't a chance to write until now. And i thought it rather apt as i'm watching Strictly Come Dancing (get the D link there, yep simple things simple minds was written for me) to compile my list for the day. So get comfy, and i'll begin.




Now I have no idea why some people spell it with the 'h', others without, but i go for with. Anyway, in honour of my beautiful friend i would love to make vegan doughnuts and sprinkle them with sprinkles and prettiness. I think having the opportunity to make them means more than the actual eating of them.




I've got a really romantic notion of Nordic countries, there's something about them that just pulls me in, like the smell of gingerbread cooking at Christmas or the tinkle of the ice cream van as it drives by. The wide open fields, the creaking of the sails as the windmills pass their weight round and round, the beautiful architecture that is simple yet alluring and well quaint. I love the fact it inspired writers like Hans Christian Anderson and i would love to go and just sit and be there, be inspired too.



Oh this is a complicated one- bear with me. I do actually have a degree- i have the letters after my name that spending three years in Uni has left me with- i am in fact a BA Hons and have a degree in history. But it isn't what i want. I'm not proud of the letters because i don't feel them in my heart. I don't feel proud, nor achieved nor accomplished as they may as well be abc after my name, i feel i've let everyone down by doing a degree just because i had passion for the subject, but when i discovered that my passion was not what the Uni wanted, that we didn't click, i should have done the brave thing and left. And i should've left because i have always wanted more than anything to get a degree in something else. It's something i dream of, i wake up wanting it, wake up wishing for it but it's not possible, for me, not now and sadly probably never. But if i could, if i could make it happen, i would have the same letters as my Dad, i would have a degree in medicine. I would be a Dr.


"Don't put all your eggs in one basket".



Yes i am very predictable- it is my nations flower but i do love it- especially the double bud variety and the pale lemon colour. I'm not so keen on the orange ones but there is something so very special when i see a daffodil. It sort of reminds me how lucky i am, how i'm lucky to live where i live and know the people i do.



Yes i live in the UK but we do have dolphins here, apparently! I've been very lucky in my life to stay in some amazing places where the first sight in the morning were wild dolphin jumping and performing their acrobatic stunts in the water just beyond the glass. There were some nights i was lucky to be alone as the sun was setting and the glass like surface of the water would slowly start to ripple. First i'd see a fin, then maybe a tail, and then i felt so honoured as they lived in front of me- i felt accepted, that they thought of me as no threat. I am always humbled by their intelligence, their drive for life, for fun, for family but also for commitment to each other.

Hope everyone has had a delightful day- yes i know, dreadfully cheesy and i shall stop now before my fingers tap out anymore dreary jokes.



Friday, 23 October 2009


Day 3.

Oh and that of course means we move onto C. I have to admit this is doing me good, partly as i get an excuse to write but also as i can slightly use the old brain cells and get my alphabet in order- trust me, i may have a degree but i still have to say the alphabet over and over in my mind!



Caramel Apples.


I mean just, wow. how much fun must it be to make these, and they look so ornate and beautiful. I don't think i've eaten one since i was very, very young and having porcelain teeth doesn't really make it very possible but still, i'd love to spend time making them!

Place to visit;


When my Grandad was widowed he was in his late 70's, and he decided to get his first ever passport and leave the UK. And off he went, to Canada. I admired him so much for going there, somewhere he'd read about, seen on TV and he did it. I don't think i'll follow him exactly by white water rafting but i'd love to see what he saw on a trip that meant so much to him.



When i first picked up the bow at age 7 i felt so free. There was just something, hmm how do i describe it, i just felt connected to the gorgeous curves and the beautiful veneer. I played until i was 16 but i was hopeless! I passed some exams and the like but i couldn't get to grips with reading music- i was fine if i marked it in my own code but hopeless if not given a chance to decorate the music in my own way! Yet i do miss it. I miss sitting in my room in the late afternoon, with the rain hitting my window and me and it just making our own soundtrack.


"Cool as a cucumber".



I am very fortunate to live in a very old house with a very large and mature garden. One of the central elements is a horse chestnut tree that must be 300 years old. Under the canopy of this tree every winter little jewels emerge, you wouldn't think they would but up they come, often in frozen/snowy grounds revealing their petite and beautiful blooms.



I did wonder if putting down cats would be too obvious but hell, i love them and have always had them in my life. I adore their independence yet loyalty and their absolute willingness to show empathy and compassion. I'd be lost without mine.

This is Tilly- my sister's Maine Coon, adorable and soft but with a wicked personality, she's one of a kind! I buy her toys all the time becuase she is a total intellect and i love for her to be stimulated as much as possible.

This is my boy. His name is Boris and you will often find him perched next to me on his favourite cushion. He has this odd obsession with anything blue, won't sleep on any other colour blanket etc! He had an awful start in life, was discarded in a plastic bag as a kitten on marshland- luckily he fought his way out, the rest of the litter weren't so fortunate, and he made his way to us. We've had him now for 7 years and he truly is a big soft teddy bear.

And this is our other old man, Roy. He's been with us for nearly a year now but he is in fact my sister's boyfriends cat. When they moved in together Tilly wasn't keen on sharing her home so he came to us. And what a character, he is a little old man in cat form. Like Boris Roy was mistreated as a kitten, kicked and thrown around and so was a little wary, he was also homeless for a while so we were worried he would try and escape from us. But he found his feet here very quickly, settled in and is part of the family. We reckon he's about 15 now but still keeps Boris on his toes!


Thursday, 22 October 2009


Day 2.

And yep, that means one thing, letter B is ready to go. And thanks to the lovely lenevermore for the suggestion of adding some pictures. I agree it will help lift the post. So here goes, enjoy.



Baked Alaska.

I don't know if it's something i'd like to eat per say but i have always marvelled at just how creative it must have been when the first cook encased ice cream in meringue to find it still protected after cooking. I 'd love to give it a go, see people's expressions when you produce the silky, crispy meringue with it's secret lurking inside!


Ballet Shoes.

And i mean the original, professional sort, not the fashion sort (although i do love those) but oh my goodness i'd love a pair of the professional sort. I am no dancer, far, far from it but i adore the skill, the passion, the romance and the total simplicity in the complexity that ballet provides.

Place to visit;


I've been lucky enough to go to Spain a few times but never to Barcelona. I'd love to go to see the architecture, i have a weird eye fir buildings, i just get blown away by the smallest details, sometimes the biggest picture doesn't blow me away but the little things, the cornices, flag poles, doorways, floor tiles- wow.


"Be Prepared".


Bird of Paradise.

Nature is the best artist there is. I don't think you could design a more architectural and beautiful flower then she.



I know they have a bad reputation and are blamed for a lot of strife and are called violent but i don't care. I love them. Their colourings, their habits, the family unit. Sadly i live in a rural area where badgers are blamed for cattle TB and are due to be culled- something that is being fought and so far, the badgers are winning!


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

New direction

So i was thinking last night (as i often do in the middle of the night) how this blog needs some sort of direction. I mean i truly do love to write but i like to know what i'm writing for, if that makes sense. And so, the most random of ideas came to mind. did you ever play that game when you were young, the alphabet game- you take a letter then have to name a boy's name, a girl's name, a flower, an animal etc. Well it got me thinking, that whilst i'm still unsure of the direction in which to write, for the next 26 days i'm going to play my very own version of the alphabet game.

Each day will have a new letter (obviously) but the categories will be the same. It gives me a chance to write about things and go form there i guess. And it may not be thoroughly entertaining but writing is a form of escapism that i value too much to let my blog go again.

So, the categories that will be featured in the 26 posts are;
Country/place i'd like to visit;
Item i'd like to own;
Recipe i'd like to bake;
Favourite saying;
Favourite flower;
Favourite vegetable.

So here goes, who knows what the next 26 days are going to uncover, if you want to join in then lease feel free to do so, the best thing about life is learning about others.





Oh my days for as long as i can remember i've wanted to go to Alaska. I've been to the USA many times and have travelled all over but Alaska is one place i'm yet to explore. The beautiful scenery, the absolutely spectacular nature and the peace, the beautiful peace of a place so untarnished by the drive for absolute modernity. I'd love to just walk along routes with a camera and a friend and jut soak up everything it has to offer.


Abstract art;

I#m no art expert- far from it, in fact most things that seem to be well acclaimed just don't do it for me. I know there are some masterpieces and i can appreciate the skill involved in them but they don't speak to me. So i am forever on the lookout for artwork/wall art that is not only individual but that displays a message to me and maybe only me.


Apple snow.

This is something my Dad's Mum used to bake for him when he was growing up. Sadly never got to know my Ganny but y Dad has talked about this recipe with such fondness that i would love to give it a go. It's not a recipe i can find easily though so i'm going to have to go through Granny's old recipe file to see if i can find it!


" A bird in the hand i worth two in the bush".


This is hard as i love so any, but i'm probably going to go for Allium. I love the globe purple spheres that seem so heavy but are oh so light that just wave around on the green stalks.



Even though it's a big thing you don't hardly ever see, the habits of this bird are just fascinating. Did you know they mate for life but spend month apart flying across the oceans, yet they know exactly whom their spouse is and where they will be when they do meet back up. I'm a sucker for things like that!

So there we have it, A is done, probably bored most of the readers silly but there we go, look out for B tomorrow!


Sunday, 18 October 2009

Handmade goodies

Happy Sunday one and all. Hope you're all having a nice and relaxing weekend. The weather here is just grey- hasn't changed all day, i even had the fire on for a while to help banish the cold- brr.

Anyway, i needed something to do and as my family are out visiting relatives i thought it would be an opportune time to take over the kitchen and bake. I had planned on a glazed apple cake but i found less butter in the fridge that i had thought so decided that the rapidly ripening banana's in the fruit bowl should be used up and the result, a banana and walnut tea loaf (that i had to save from the jaws of my cat!)

And as this is a sort of handmade post i thought i'd share my latest embroidery, it's a solar system pattern, slightly adapted but nevertheless a hugely wonderful pattern from theflossbox on etsy- check her out if you love to sew her patterns are inspired. It is a present for my sister's boyfriend for Christmas, he teaches physics so i thought it rather apt!

And seeing as it's Sunday it means i know have the joy of the F1 race in Brazil. Yep, i adore F1, have done for nearly 17 years now, i know for a lot of people they think it must be very boring to watch cars go round and round and round but for me i thrive on the tactical elements, and Brazil is shaping up to be one hell of a race.
So happy Sunday whatever you are getting up to,

Friday, 16 October 2009


I've had an epic dose of bloggers block- i just haven't been able to find the words to make a decent post! However, i miss this lovely place and now that the crispness of autumn is upon us i feel more motivated to get back into the swing of things.
Even though it's been so long i've not done anything remotely exciting (shock horror), my sister turned 28, i turned 26- that entailed an awful lot of baking, i had a ball making some cupcakes for my sister with my wonderful aunt! I may post pictures although get scarily embarrassed!
And seeing that i've been away for so long and that i don't really know how to reintegrate i thought i would do a tag that the lovely Daisy has supplied.
Where's your cell phone: On the arm of my sofa next to me.
Your hair: In desperate need of a brush.
Your Mother: Fighting the biggest battle with grace.
Your Father: Dependable and my rock.
Favourite Food: Broccoli.
Dream last night: Oh trust me, you don't want to know!
Favourite Drink: Ribena light.
What room are you in?: The breakfast room.
Hobby: I flit between lots and nothing.
Fear: Moths!!!
Where were you last night?: Snuggled up in bed.
Something that you aren't?: Employed.
Muffins: Summer berries with a whole strawberry in the centre.
Wish List Item: Wall art.
Where did you grow up?: Same village i still live in.
What are you wearing?: Pink hoodie, dark denim baggy jeans and socks.
Your Pets: Boris and Roy my wonderful cats.
Friends: Few but amazing.
Something you're not wearing: Make-up.
Favourite Store: Handycandy.
Favourite Colour: Purple.
Last time you laughed: When my cat leapt at the shut window thinking it was open-oops!
Your best friend: Laura.
Place you go to over and over: Um i don't go anywhere, does my bed count?
Person who emails you regularly: Laura.
Favourite place to eat: Vegan cafe.
So there we have it, i apologise for my absence, i will get around as many blogs as i can to catch up with you all.