Thursday, 29 October 2009

F (finally!)


I'm so behind, grr! I am so annoyed as yesterday i thought i was being really good and catching up and wrote out some posts and then blogger decided that it wouldn't post any of them and lost the lot. Not a happy bunny, but well they say try and try again so i will.
Anyway, this is my F post, and then i hope to get on with G, H and I at some point, although i know there is no rush but i'm having fun with the posts!


Place/Country to visit;


Clearly my love for Nordic lands continues! I'm someone who loves the sun and that's all great but after a few hours, maybe days i get really tired of being hot all the time! Good job i live where i do as we hardly ever have the sun, but Finland in the fall and winter just looks absolutely divine to me. Somedays there is nothing better than bundling up in winter woolies, scarves, mittens and silly hats, shiny wellies and a good friend and just going for walks where every time you giggle you see your breath in the fresh clean air and the noise beneath your feet just crackles with delight on the fallen leafs. Couple that with spectacular scenery and that makes me a happy person.



This is going to seem very odd. Especially when i say how much i hate almonds! But as a youngster having Bakewell Tart was always something i looked forward to because of the frangipane layer. Warm and soft and dribbled in jam, just yum.


Fig tree.

Have you ever seen an old fig tree? One that has grown into the most beautiful and contorted shapes, the branches spiralled and twisted in it's own pretty way, no two the like? It's leaves hang low and fruit dangle down like jewels from a crown.


"Follow your dreams".



This one was easy for me. When i was growing up i used to love the idea that when everyone went to sleep at night the garden would come alive. I used to love the thought that from the closed flower buds would come fairies that would be free to live and dance in the moonlight. Of course, as you get older the magic diminishes and all thoughts becomes fantasy and wild innocence of youth but i still look at Fressias and think, what a lovely home the buds would make to delicate little fairies.



Yes i know it's not actually an animal in the correct sense of the term but i love them! I love their sense of being, the way they just seem to be, reagrdless of the decade, the century a frog is a frog is a frog. And to me the tree frog is one of my absolute favourites. A female tree frog climbs the equivalent of 3 Empire State buildings in a day to nurture her young in their tiny nurseries in bromiliads high up in the forest canopy. She gets no praise but to me she is a heroine.

So there we go, f is finally done, took a while i know! I hope to get up to speed with the next few letters so expect a few posts in quick succession!


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  1. yay for finland!! i'm going to study there really soon, i'm so excited! >_<

    and yums, figs, my parents have a fig tree right outside their house, so in the summer i go there and eat loads until i feel ill xD

    i'm really enjoying these posts of yours!