Thursday, 29 October 2009


Ooh seems as though i'm on a role this afternoon, so here we go, g is up and ready to go. And thank you to everyone who reads and comments, it's lovely to see the comments and how people relate to the posts- feel free to get as involved as you like with the posts.




Galapagos Islands.

I am inspired by these islands, the nature they contain and the secrets locked within them. I love how humans are the visitors, not the keepers of the rocks. And i'd love to get the chance to see them in my own eyes, see what Darwin saw and perhaps feel as he did when he embarked upon his journey there. But part of me also thinks that it is a private world and perhaps it should stay that way, we all need our secrets, even the earth.


Gingerbread House.

Hehe! How much fun can you have with this? The aroma of the gingerbread baking will make your soul dance around with sheer delight, the warming perfume always seems to bring me to life and removes troubles at once. And once baked and cool you can decorate to your hearts content. and seeing as i (shock horror) have a sweet tooth mine would be adorned with the prettiest candies and sugars you can find, all there to twinkle and glimmer in their own special ways.


Gray's Anatomy.

Not the TV series (although it is very good and one of my favourites) but my very own copy of Gray's Anatomy. I know it will seem odd, most people don't have a anatomy book to browse through but my hunger, my absolute passion for knowledge on the subject is only intensifiying as i grow older. I'm from a medical family and , as letter D denoted, medicine is my dream. And so to own my own copy, to be able to study in depth the mechanics of the body would be the best present anyone could get me.


"Good things come to those who wait".



Our garden is always stocked full of geraniums, my window box with it's red and pink jewels is still flowering, despite the change in weather and everyday i open my curtains they bring me joy. My absolute favourites though are the wild species, they seem so delicate but are hardy and strong and the little blue flowers can be nestled in the undergrowth, only showing themselves to those who walk on past them, mini secrets to be unearthed.



I'd love to know what giraffes think of the world, do they think they are giants and everyone else small or do they feel out of place with their long necks rising high above the canopy? They are beautiful, whatever they think, and i wouldn't like them to think they are the odd ones out, and you know what, i'm the odd one out always and sometimes i feel like i stand out like they do but they should be proud they stand out for their sheer elegance and beauty.



  1. G FOR GORGEOUS because you are, inside and out x

  2. oh god, i HATE gray's anatomy! i passed anatomy just barely and i swore i would burn the book as soon as i finished (but i didnt, i didnt have the courage to >>_<<)
    anatomy has always been my achille's heel, i used to like it at first, but when i really had to study, i started freaking out xD

    and G is for Gingerrrrrr :D

  3. I do love anatomy. If I had more confidence, especially back when I was in school, I would have become a doctor.

  4. I love giraffes too, they're definitely my favourite animal.