Wednesday, 21 October 2009

New direction

So i was thinking last night (as i often do in the middle of the night) how this blog needs some sort of direction. I mean i truly do love to write but i like to know what i'm writing for, if that makes sense. And so, the most random of ideas came to mind. did you ever play that game when you were young, the alphabet game- you take a letter then have to name a boy's name, a girl's name, a flower, an animal etc. Well it got me thinking, that whilst i'm still unsure of the direction in which to write, for the next 26 days i'm going to play my very own version of the alphabet game.

Each day will have a new letter (obviously) but the categories will be the same. It gives me a chance to write about things and go form there i guess. And it may not be thoroughly entertaining but writing is a form of escapism that i value too much to let my blog go again.

So, the categories that will be featured in the 26 posts are;
Country/place i'd like to visit;
Item i'd like to own;
Recipe i'd like to bake;
Favourite saying;
Favourite flower;
Favourite vegetable.

So here goes, who knows what the next 26 days are going to uncover, if you want to join in then lease feel free to do so, the best thing about life is learning about others.





Oh my days for as long as i can remember i've wanted to go to Alaska. I've been to the USA many times and have travelled all over but Alaska is one place i'm yet to explore. The beautiful scenery, the absolutely spectacular nature and the peace, the beautiful peace of a place so untarnished by the drive for absolute modernity. I'd love to just walk along routes with a camera and a friend and jut soak up everything it has to offer.


Abstract art;

I#m no art expert- far from it, in fact most things that seem to be well acclaimed just don't do it for me. I know there are some masterpieces and i can appreciate the skill involved in them but they don't speak to me. So i am forever on the lookout for artwork/wall art that is not only individual but that displays a message to me and maybe only me.


Apple snow.

This is something my Dad's Mum used to bake for him when he was growing up. Sadly never got to know my Ganny but y Dad has talked about this recipe with such fondness that i would love to give it a go. It's not a recipe i can find easily though so i'm going to have to go through Granny's old recipe file to see if i can find it!


" A bird in the hand i worth two in the bush".


This is hard as i love so any, but i'm probably going to go for Allium. I love the globe purple spheres that seem so heavy but are oh so light that just wave around on the green stalks.



Even though it's a big thing you don't hardly ever see, the habits of this bird are just fascinating. Did you know they mate for life but spend month apart flying across the oceans, yet they know exactly whom their spouse is and where they will be when they do meet back up. I'm a sucker for things like that!

So there we have it, A is done, probably bored most of the readers silly but there we go, look out for B tomorrow!


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  1. Great interesting idea!
    see, I didn't even know 'Albatross' haha...
    Perhaps if you could include some visual/pictures via google image...That would even be spectacular I think...
    ~Cheers to your creativity darling!