Saturday, 24 October 2009


Day 4.

Oh yes, i hadn't forgotten, just hadn't a chance to write until now. And i thought it rather apt as i'm watching Strictly Come Dancing (get the D link there, yep simple things simple minds was written for me) to compile my list for the day. So get comfy, and i'll begin.




Now I have no idea why some people spell it with the 'h', others without, but i go for with. Anyway, in honour of my beautiful friend i would love to make vegan doughnuts and sprinkle them with sprinkles and prettiness. I think having the opportunity to make them means more than the actual eating of them.




I've got a really romantic notion of Nordic countries, there's something about them that just pulls me in, like the smell of gingerbread cooking at Christmas or the tinkle of the ice cream van as it drives by. The wide open fields, the creaking of the sails as the windmills pass their weight round and round, the beautiful architecture that is simple yet alluring and well quaint. I love the fact it inspired writers like Hans Christian Anderson and i would love to go and just sit and be there, be inspired too.



Oh this is a complicated one- bear with me. I do actually have a degree- i have the letters after my name that spending three years in Uni has left me with- i am in fact a BA Hons and have a degree in history. But it isn't what i want. I'm not proud of the letters because i don't feel them in my heart. I don't feel proud, nor achieved nor accomplished as they may as well be abc after my name, i feel i've let everyone down by doing a degree just because i had passion for the subject, but when i discovered that my passion was not what the Uni wanted, that we didn't click, i should have done the brave thing and left. And i should've left because i have always wanted more than anything to get a degree in something else. It's something i dream of, i wake up wanting it, wake up wishing for it but it's not possible, for me, not now and sadly probably never. But if i could, if i could make it happen, i would have the same letters as my Dad, i would have a degree in medicine. I would be a Dr.


"Don't put all your eggs in one basket".



Yes i am very predictable- it is my nations flower but i do love it- especially the double bud variety and the pale lemon colour. I'm not so keen on the orange ones but there is something so very special when i see a daffodil. It sort of reminds me how lucky i am, how i'm lucky to live where i live and know the people i do.



Yes i live in the UK but we do have dolphins here, apparently! I've been very lucky in my life to stay in some amazing places where the first sight in the morning were wild dolphin jumping and performing their acrobatic stunts in the water just beyond the glass. There were some nights i was lucky to be alone as the sun was setting and the glass like surface of the water would slowly start to ripple. First i'd see a fin, then maybe a tail, and then i felt so honoured as they lived in front of me- i felt accepted, that they thought of me as no threat. I am always humbled by their intelligence, their drive for life, for fun, for family but also for commitment to each other.

Hope everyone has had a delightful day- yes i know, dreadfully cheesy and i shall stop now before my fingers tap out anymore dreary jokes.




  1. You missed one...

    Description (of self): Delightful.

    Because you are.