Thursday, 22 October 2009


Day 2.

And yep, that means one thing, letter B is ready to go. And thanks to the lovely lenevermore for the suggestion of adding some pictures. I agree it will help lift the post. So here goes, enjoy.



Baked Alaska.

I don't know if it's something i'd like to eat per say but i have always marvelled at just how creative it must have been when the first cook encased ice cream in meringue to find it still protected after cooking. I 'd love to give it a go, see people's expressions when you produce the silky, crispy meringue with it's secret lurking inside!


Ballet Shoes.

And i mean the original, professional sort, not the fashion sort (although i do love those) but oh my goodness i'd love a pair of the professional sort. I am no dancer, far, far from it but i adore the skill, the passion, the romance and the total simplicity in the complexity that ballet provides.

Place to visit;


I've been lucky enough to go to Spain a few times but never to Barcelona. I'd love to go to see the architecture, i have a weird eye fir buildings, i just get blown away by the smallest details, sometimes the biggest picture doesn't blow me away but the little things, the cornices, flag poles, doorways, floor tiles- wow.


"Be Prepared".


Bird of Paradise.

Nature is the best artist there is. I don't think you could design a more architectural and beautiful flower then she.



I know they have a bad reputation and are blamed for a lot of strife and are called violent but i don't care. I love them. Their colourings, their habits, the family unit. Sadly i live in a rural area where badgers are blamed for cattle TB and are due to be culled- something that is being fought and so far, the badgers are winning!



  1. I tried baked alaska once, it was bizarre. Actually, I made it. Haha. When I was playing dessert chef.

  2. When I was very small I used to walk around the house on my toes - dreamed of being a ballerina - but mam never sent me to dance classes - boo hoo. Expect she thought I'd grow out of it! To be honest I think she probably would have been wasting her money had she sent me as I now know I have two left feet lol!!!!

  3. I love the exotic Bird of Paradise!
    You are now on a roll, would be interesting to see what you're going to come up next!