Friday, 23 October 2009


Day 3.

Oh and that of course means we move onto C. I have to admit this is doing me good, partly as i get an excuse to write but also as i can slightly use the old brain cells and get my alphabet in order- trust me, i may have a degree but i still have to say the alphabet over and over in my mind!



Caramel Apples.


I mean just, wow. how much fun must it be to make these, and they look so ornate and beautiful. I don't think i've eaten one since i was very, very young and having porcelain teeth doesn't really make it very possible but still, i'd love to spend time making them!

Place to visit;


When my Grandad was widowed he was in his late 70's, and he decided to get his first ever passport and leave the UK. And off he went, to Canada. I admired him so much for going there, somewhere he'd read about, seen on TV and he did it. I don't think i'll follow him exactly by white water rafting but i'd love to see what he saw on a trip that meant so much to him.



When i first picked up the bow at age 7 i felt so free. There was just something, hmm how do i describe it, i just felt connected to the gorgeous curves and the beautiful veneer. I played until i was 16 but i was hopeless! I passed some exams and the like but i couldn't get to grips with reading music- i was fine if i marked it in my own code but hopeless if not given a chance to decorate the music in my own way! Yet i do miss it. I miss sitting in my room in the late afternoon, with the rain hitting my window and me and it just making our own soundtrack.


"Cool as a cucumber".



I am very fortunate to live in a very old house with a very large and mature garden. One of the central elements is a horse chestnut tree that must be 300 years old. Under the canopy of this tree every winter little jewels emerge, you wouldn't think they would but up they come, often in frozen/snowy grounds revealing their petite and beautiful blooms.



I did wonder if putting down cats would be too obvious but hell, i love them and have always had them in my life. I adore their independence yet loyalty and their absolute willingness to show empathy and compassion. I'd be lost without mine.

This is Tilly- my sister's Maine Coon, adorable and soft but with a wicked personality, she's one of a kind! I buy her toys all the time becuase she is a total intellect and i love for her to be stimulated as much as possible.

This is my boy. His name is Boris and you will often find him perched next to me on his favourite cushion. He has this odd obsession with anything blue, won't sleep on any other colour blanket etc! He had an awful start in life, was discarded in a plastic bag as a kitten on marshland- luckily he fought his way out, the rest of the litter weren't so fortunate, and he made his way to us. We've had him now for 7 years and he truly is a big soft teddy bear.

And this is our other old man, Roy. He's been with us for nearly a year now but he is in fact my sister's boyfriends cat. When they moved in together Tilly wasn't keen on sharing her home so he came to us. And what a character, he is a little old man in cat form. Like Boris Roy was mistreated as a kitten, kicked and thrown around and so was a little wary, he was also homeless for a while so we were worried he would try and escape from us. But he found his feet here very quickly, settled in and is part of the family. We reckon he's about 15 now but still keeps Boris on his toes!


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  1. oh this was so lovely to read :) i especially loved your description of the cello. sounds magical. <3