Monday, 9 November 2009


Oops- another week has just flown past me- but have no fear H is finally here (and yes i know how terribly cheesy that line is but it is freeing cold here and my brain hasn't defrosted yet!).

Hope everyone has a had a good week, holiday season is well and truly descending now, a recent trip to the garden centre left me feeling as though i'd entered Christmas on speed as it was very overwhelming, but then again the build-up is always magical and i am still a big kid inside! Oh and i've been baking, rather a lot of late eek- i don't know if i should do an intermission post on what i've made or not? Oh and if anyone knows of any yummy gluten free cookie/cake bars/muffin recipes i would be most grateful!

Anyway, on with the show.




Well how could it not be? Look at that picture- just, wow. I'd love to climb the rocks and just sit on the top of paradise. The wildlife, the weather, the attitude and kindness of the people there has attracted me from a very young age. However, i'm not a beach person, i can't do the old sunbathing for hours and i don't like to swim so it's always seemed an odd destination to go to but i think that the place you visit and remember is the place you dream and make come true- you don't have to go to a tropical island and only see the beach.


Hummingbird Cake.

Oh. My.

I found out about this miracle of a cake a few months ago, thinking i would look for some variations on carrot cake recipes. And then one day i was watching Neighbours (guilty pleasure) and they had it on there. Imagine all the comfort and delight from carrot cake but with the addition of sates and pineapple making it super moist and irresistible! Yes Please!!!



Odd, maybe? Do i wear hats? No. Does that actually matter? No. I live in the past most of the time in my head, probably why i studied a degree in history and i am a firm believer in keeping the past alive but allowing it to adapt and move on. I would not use my hatstand for hats, coats or the like but i would dress it up with my scarves and long beaded necklaces, i would string ribbon around the hooks at the top and use pegs to hand cards and letters from my treasured friends.


"Home is where the heart is."



I have tried, and tried and tried to grow heather but we don't have the right acid balance in the soil here. But it doesn't take away my love for it. It seems quite a prickly intimidating plant but it couldn't be further from the truth. Soft and aromatic and just absolute luxury, this is one hardy princess in the flower world.



Hehe, i got so excited looking for pictures of my favourite little autumn critter. I'm so lucky in that having a secluded garden means we often see little families of hedgehog's throughout the year and have many sites in the garden where they go for hibernation. Please always check your leaf piles before you use them as bonfires for the little prickly beings, and don't feed them bread and milk- the best thing is just tinned dog food and if you happen to come across one that is injured or looks ill please ring the RSPCA, they will have numbers for your local hedgehog sanctuaries.



  1. Hawaii is such a magical place!

  2. That cake sounds a treat as I love carrot cake. How about giving us the complete recipe please?

  3. hummingbird cake! omg, im ON that. ps-thanks for your comment the setting of the picture is my living room :)

  4. Hi

    I have left an award over at my blog for you.

  5. That cake looks soooooo amazing!

  6. I love that little hedgehog and of course I am swooning over the picture of Hawaii.