Saturday, 30 May 2009

Dream machine

I have never been very good at starting things from scratch- in fact i am one of those people who will read a book from the back so that i can imagine the beginning from the end! But seeing that i don't quite have a time machine all figured out this shall have to be my rather awkward new start to this journey.

I am no-one of excitement, of wondrous words nor amazing thoughts- i am 25,a graduate, a vegetarian, a girl with magpie eyes who loves the sparkles in life but who has her problems. Problems though are something i don't wish to dwell on, for here i want to let my dreams live-i want them to at least come alive in screen if the can't in reality.

I truly believe that random acts of kindness make the world go round and sometimes i wonder if i was born into the wrong era as i sometimes long for the decades past and what seemed to be life but not as we know it.

So welcome to my world, to my dreams- you may see fashion, you will see my cats, you will be invaded by sparkles and i hope you can see how important it is to always have dreams and keep the sparkle in your life.


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