Thursday, 4 June 2009

Summer skies...

So i was trying to decide a theme for today's post but i couldn't decide so, because i love the smell of coffee but have never tasted it some coffee art- because i love the look but hate the feel some felted purses and because i am absolutely in love with the maxi dress some of my favs- one day i shall summon the strength to wear one and not worry that at only 5ft4 i won't look like a child in a tablecloth!

i love quirky wall art, and this one caught my eye.

I have a jellyegg bear that i bought when i went to uni and he's always by my side and now i've seen they have new collections, i have a feeling this little fella may be joining him!

(jellyegg animals are available in lots of places, maybe you could give one a home too?)


I'm so in love with this fella, how cute is he! And how much fun would you have making him!
(Both pics from

These are so cute and i bet you can't guess what they are made from! Go on, have a guess!

I love the way trends come round and round and i simply adore this almost 50's style yet still really current looking swimsuit by Hotel Bondi, i just adore it.

Speaking of adoring things, who would not love to have this dress, you can imagine slipping it on and just feeling amazing and special! And what's more, this is a genuine vintage one.

This is also a genuine vintage maxi dress, i can imagine this whilst sitting in a beautiful Japanese garden, drinking tea with the breeze flowing through your hair and your dress and just feeling totally alive.

I just think she looks absolutely stunning in this dress, and i find they do flatter people- they may be long and flowing but look at her, you cans till see how amazing she looks and it's so nice to see some feminine fashion back.
The sun is still with us, obviously the forecasters got today wrong as it has been another stunning display of summer- everything always looks better when the sun shines.


  1. A truly lust-worthy post.

    My latte yesterday came with a heart on top from a lovely young man barista, it made my day =)

  2. aw, love that first picture always.. the coffees are amazing, i wouldnt want to drink them! and the jellyegg thing is so cute. ive never seen them before but that one is gorgeous, love it.