Monday, 15 June 2009

Shoe help!!!

Ok so i'm in need of some help!
I have terrible feet, seriously as much as i love, and i mean this i do love the gladiator sandals there is no way i could pull them off, plus i think i would feel a little 'exposed' in them so i am trying to find some shoes that do reflect the fact that it is summer! Granted i would wear my morigami boots all year round because they are like mini hugs for your legs but i am starting to get some odd looks now the sun is coming out. So what do you think of the following shoes, i know there aren't loads here but i'm still looking, these though are something i can't decide on, it's nothing like i've worn before but i don't know there is something about them???
Oh and the hat, i would love to be able to wear one of these, i think they look awesome on the right people but on me, well let's not go there!!!

(these and previous ones are by RocketDog)

(Sugar organic vegan friendly shoes)


  1. HI Again!
    thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I have a pretty handy digital camera but i want to be able to do more. So im going to go hunt for an SLR now! Thank you for your advice!
    Happy blogging!

  2. I LOVE the first pair,
    well I love all the pairs.
    You could totally rock the hat, too. Do it.

  3. Hi. I didn't know there's a Sugar organic vegan friendly shoes and it's cute too!!!