Sunday, 26 July 2009

More cakes!

So, this is not the world's prettiest cake- that much i grant you but if ever there is a time where you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover then it is this cake.
It may look like a heavy, sunken sponge but looks are deceiving! This in face is one of the lightest, moistest (is that a word lol) cakes and so easy to make it's almost criminal! The top and bottom of the cake is made from almond flavoured sponge- beautiful and fragrant but not too strong but the best part is the middle. For nestled away in the middle of this cake is a layer of sliced apples. As the cake cooks the moisture from the apples seeps into the sponge and the apples cook slowly and happily. The result- a delicious light sponge with a moist, apply centre that is just divine. It's best to serve it warm with icing sugar on the top and goes great with custard, ice cream or just on it's own. You can of course eat it cold for an equally delicious treat.
And if you don't have apples then don't worry- we have made this using pears instead for a really lovely cake- just make sure the pears are fairly ripe as they take longer to cook than the apples if too hard.
Mmmm, yummy!


  1. I wonder how much royal mail would charge to deliver one to my door? xx

  2. oooh sounds so yummy!
    we have an apple tree
    and too many apples..
    now i know just what to do!
    :) xoxo

  3. apples inside a sponge, that sounds so yum! I'm drooling...

  4. looks delicious and sweet!