Friday, 10 July 2009


With lots on my mind but now words to really know how to express them i decided it's best to go for a picture post for this Friday- a variety of interiors, fashion, scenes, anything really that has caught my eye over the last week.

Sometimes i think normality is shunned as being overrated- i wouldn't mind having it for a while!

This jewellery tree just longs to be mine and adorned with all the beautiful pieces of jewellery i have, many thanks to the wonder that is Daisy.
Both this and the bed above from

These two dresses are both by Ruby Rocks, i simply adore the first one, perhaps too much....

Argh the kitkats, i need not say anything else.

I'm in love with dress dummies, wire or solid i just find them so, argh I can't find the words, beautiful maybe?

This bedroom is just so stunning, the bed, the floor, the colour on the walls, simply blissful.

Ah wall art- you may be seeing a lot of these from me as i'm currently revamping my bedroom and am desperate to find something to embellish my walls with.

Yep i've found a hoodie that describes me in 3 words- joy.

I love him- simply as.

All 3 of these are from

I love these dolls, especially her as she incorporates yellow and turquoise- my favourite colours, check out the whole range at zombukisshop via etsy.

From the same shop as the above doll, i adore this designer!

I warned you about the wall art! this one is from

This instantly caught my eye, a beautifully unique piece by fruitsaladvintage, i just adore the form.

If i had my way this is what my room would be like- nothing but a bed and books- bliss.

This is amazing wall art, found on flickr it's called strawberry shortcake and is all handmade felted goods, it's at the top of my list currently!

I just want this room!!!

I found this online in a sale, £5- i didn't buy them but i wish i did, now i'm too scared to go back in case they've gone! Shoes by Quiz.

Fashion alert all vegan or ethical shoppers- this beauty caught my eye just last night, unfortunately i don't have the funds nor the social life to do it justice but i just love it, especially the colour and knowing it's vegan and fashionable to boot- hurrah for the collection by espe.

And this is my final favourite of the week. The print, the colour, the size, the shape- yes i'm pretty much in love with this piece by Amy Kathryn- if you haven't checked her bags out before then you really should- they are vegan friendly too, hurrah!



  1. Hi Ellie!
    Thannks so much to you and your sweet commnet ;)

    So many beautiful photos it´s so difficul to name a fav. I love the dress dummies and the jewelry tree. AWESOME PIECES!!!

    Happy sunny and relaxing weekend to youuu!!!

  2. amazing finds!

    i love dress dummies too^^
    i am trying to find a cheap one >_<


  3. yummy, you have good taste m'dear

    *off to check quiz*

  4. Great pictures! Thanks for your commemt on my blog - good to meet someone likeminded :)

  5. have recently heard rumours of a caramel kitkat...yum!

  6. I wish you grace, peace and love for whatever it is you are going through.

    Thanks for stopping by my site. We have so many similar tastes. I currently have a can of turquoise paint for my room. I recently decided I was going to tone it down with some white. It will match a lot of the pale turquoise I see in your photos. So indeed I loved looking at your pics.

    I gave blood a while ago but now I have a little push to go again.