Tuesday, 7 July 2009


I am a massive fan of being unique- yep i may be Welsh but i am not a sheep! And so my style always is described as being in the wrong era. In fact many think i was born in the wrong era, i should have been a 1920's girl and not a 1980's one! My love for picnics seems to prove this apparently as does my lust for long walks in the country, old ice cream parlours with soda fountains and chocolate in paper. I could live without TV, radio etc, give me a journal and a pen and i'll stay occupied. I think that in some ways my barriers in my life have allowed me to really have to rely on myself for reasons to keep going and to find beauty in whatever i can.

Oxfam online £9.99

And this is my current dream,



  1. <3 <3 I need that second one.

  2. 1st: PERFECT for a picnic!


    (i would take it to the beach!)