Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Thank You...

I know this will not reach the actual people involved and i will never know who or where they are but i want to say thank you.
Thank you to anyone who has ever given blood.
Thank you to those people who have made it possible for my Mum to get transfusions today when she needed them without having to wait.
Thank you for going through the pain and the waiting and the filling in of the questionnaires (I've seen them, i know!) and for drinking the tea and eating the free cookie.
I've lived in a medical family my entire life, we talk the talk and walk the walk as they say- but we are all having to face things we all know of but never knew.
So if any of you have ever given blood you have my hugest thanks and if i could give you all a hug and a present and just tell you in person how much it means i would.
Thank you.