Monday, 13 July 2009

Noticeboard to art...

So today i went out (yep hold the shock of surprise!) for the first time in a week. It looked lovely, blue skies etc but i wasn't chancing it, jeans, vest and oversized boyfriend shirt did me nicely- well and shoes of course. It was nice, quite warm in the sun but lots of black clouds everywhere. Anyway, i digress, i went out as i had an appointment and it seems that they double booked the slot so i had to wait for 40 minutes, and in that 40 minutes all i had to stare at was an overcrowded noticeboard with half faded out of date info. So, it got me thinking, all the lovely things that paper could be used for instead and well, here is my tribute to paper art.

I love this bouquet, don't quite know where i'd put it though!

All the beauty and none of the mess, love these,

These two just make me smile, i love the Japanese dolls but the little artwork is so gorgeous,

I almost want to dip these in acrylic so they would be easier to clean, then string them together as wall art!

These would make the most adorable hanging ceiling art,
At first glance i didn't even see the message in this, i just adored the flowers!

This and the one above are from, so talented!

I love the impact of this one, although droopy flowers always make me feel sad.

This must have taken some much patience, but well worth it, this and the next one are examples of Jen Starks work.

Don't you just love how it looks like the leaves have just shed? dkdesigns

This is my favourite, i adore anatomy (yep that makes me slightly odd i know) and i am in awe of the talent and time this would have taken, i'd love to own it! dkdesigns

I am about to order these from etsy, i plan on gathering them together into a garland, they are made from a French map of Paris, the designer has many different beautiful collections so i highly suggest checking her out bluepearls on etsy.

And some colour to end with, from, i reckon these would be good for a child's room or to embellish crafts with.
Happy Monday,


  1. Oooo you have some gorgeous things there. I, too like the japanese doll and the artwork by dkdesigns, just amazing!

  2. I used to be a dab hand at paper art,
    no good now though!