Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Hello again, time seems to fly on pass doesn't it!

thank you for the lovely comments on my last post, i'm still trying to catch up with everyone but a getting there slowly! And thanks for the well wishes for my Mum, she has a CT scan tomorrow to see if the cancer is stable so we'll have our fingers crossed, every month without having the heavy treatments is a bonus!

I did some baking for Mother's Day, well made them on Saturday but used Sunday as a good excuse to lose myself in the kitchen for a few hours. We have bags of dried apricots just sitting idle so i made some gluten free apricot, honey and nut cookies to use up some of those and then seeing as we had a large bowl of plums too i opted for an upside down plum cake with plum compote on the side.

I have lots of things i'd like to make for Easter, including hot cross buns and cupcakes but they may or may not get made. I am awaiting a place in hospital at the moment, funding and red-tape takes it's time though, so if i am around i will give them a go, my family love hot cross buns so would like to attempt them for them! i would make simnel cake/muffins but my Mum isn't a big fan, any other Easter baking suggestions would be more than welcome though!

And so onto the point, letter K is ready to go- please remember you are more than welcome to join in with any of your K favourites!




I think there is something inbuilt into human nature to want to explore and see the world and for me that also includes conquering the task of climbing a mountain, and this would clearly be the wrong one to start with but what a thing to aspire towards. It would be nice to think that one day i could be looking down at the world from the tranquillity and solitude that the summit provides. It's probably a good job i'll never get to attempt it as i don't think you'd get me down!


Kadaifi kataifi me krema

Yep, that's a tongue twister isn't it!
Basically this is a Greek dessert that translates to shredded pastry with custard. It sounds easy right- well it's actually got a lot of processes involved! I know my Mum would adore this as would Dad come to that and so one day will try and make it for them, nice to keep in touch with the rest of Europe too!

Item to Own;

KitchenAid add-on's

Yep back to the kitchen again. My Mum had a kitchen aid for her 60th birthday, a beautiful red shiny one that proudly adorns our worktops. As it's turned out i've used it a lot more than Mum and feel as if it's my own! I'd love to have more accessories for it though, i have the standard beater, dough hook and whisk but would love the ice cream maker and the juicer attachments- or is that me being ultra lazy?!



"Keep your shirt on!"



I didn't write bear afterwards because they aren't in fact bears but marsupials- although i understand why they have become known as bears- their appearance for starters, looking so cuddly like a big grey teddy bear, and koala marsupial doesn't flow off the tongue! These little furries are nocturnal and spend most of their time asleep- my sort of life! Apparently it's because it takes so much energy to digest their diet that it's just more economical to sleep the time away!



King Proteus.

Just look at it. For me the structure, the alluring nature, the fact it looks too heavy to be able to show off it's bloom but it stands proud, at almost 2 m tall in fact- i totally love this flower, so architectural and yet still so soft, if i were a bee i'd be on there for life! Lucky South Africans have this as their national flower, and i'd be jealous but lucky me gets the daffodil so i shouldn't complain!


So there we go, another letter done- feel free to join in if you want to, it's always nice to learn things about people.



  1. Lovely post. Hope your mum is well.

  2. I think you covered all the bases :-). I wanted to thank you for your visit to my blog. I hope we'll see you often. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. Ellie, I'm back to thank you for your visit to my blog. I really hope you'll visit with us often. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  4. I really hope your mother is doing well. Also, I am loving your cupcake banner they are really delicious looking. my aunt recently climbed mt. kilimanjaro, I hear its pretty wonderful.

  5. I love your blog!

    This looks so dlicious!

    Have a nice time!